Playing PS2 without a modchip

hi guys. wats the best solution to play backup ps2 games without modchip.

Get a swap disk. Some games require patching and/or rebuilding though. But a decent modchip cannot be beaten.

regards, Stephen

Isn’t that the truth. I don’t deal with anywhere near the BS that the swap folks do.

mod chips/coder discs, all good ways to go;

or you could go for the ultimate solution & back all your games up to an external HD & use something like an HD Loader.

I currently use swap/coder discs, but that was before I saw that this option was available…

Have fun!

Katzz :slight_smile:

And if you count the nonworking titles which do not run from HDD then you’ll be surprised. :smiley: Not to mention the extra cost if you have a PSTwo. Swap disk is good but hardcore gamers go for a chip.

regards, Stephen