Playing PAL tapes on LVC-9006?

Hi Guys,

Please help. I bought a 9006 VCR/DVD Recorder combo in mind to copy my family PAL tapes to DVD. Before the purchase I emailed LiteOn Support to ask if the unit can do the job and they answered “yes, after you change “TV Type” in Setup menu to PAL”.
When I received the unit I found out that it not only couldn’t play PAL tapes, but there is no TV Type option in the Setup menu.
I upgraded firmware to the latest available – no luck. After five emails and three phone calls Customer Support said that the unit can’t play PAL tapes :frowning:
My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to play/copy PAL VHS types on LVC-9006?
  2. Does the newest 9015 combo can do this?
  3. How I can push LiteOn to take the unit from me (the store has refused getting it back)

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forum :wink:

Sorry to hear about your issue with PAL tapes. I had a quick look at the manual and interestingly it seems to indicate that the recorder is capable of playing back PAL content, however this may be for PAL DVDs only as there is no mention about what VHS formats it supports. The same goes with the 9015.

I’m quite surprised that the store will not take the product back, even as an opened item (where they may charge a restock fee). Here in Ireland, stores are required to take back a product if the user is unhappy with the product or finds that it does not meet their expectations, however I’m not sure how this applies in the US.

The following is an image taken from the LVC-9006 showing where the “TV Type” selection is suppose to be located. Going by the manual, it mentions that this is intended to select the video-output type only and is not intended for recording PAL. I can confirm that on my PAL LVW-5045, if I set the TV type to ‘NTSC’, I can record from an NTSC external source, however as my DVD recorder does not have a built-in VHS, I am not sure how this affects the playback of VHS tapes.

Thanks for your reply. There is simply no “TV Type” option on the System Setup menu of my unit. The manual describes it, but it absents on the actual screen.
I wonder may be there is a “secret code” (like 2960) to make it visible? May be I need to use a different firmware to see it? The LiteOn person, who initially said It plays PAL tapes, said I need to switch the TV Type to PAL to achieve this.