Playing Nano music via Winamp

[qanda]This thread is about the Apple iPod nano 8GB, Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I didn’t see this topic addressed in other forums; so please forgive if it’s a repeat.

I have an 8GB nano that I take to work to play my tunes via Winamp on a Win XP OS. Most of the time my tunes play flawlessly, however, I have noticed that when a tune comes up that I purchased on iTunes…Winamp skips right over it. This is bummer. It looks like Winamp will only play the tunes I’ve ripped from CDs and uploaded to the nano.

I use i-Tunes to upload music to my nano and never noticed this idiosyncrasy when I connect the nano to our DLO to play music thru the car radio or when it plays via the Bose.

What’s up? Any suggestions how I can get my tasty tunes to play in Winamp?
J :sad:

Protected iTunes tracks (.m4p) can only be played from iTunes.

Burn the songs you want to play to a cd in iTunes, then rip cd to Winamp. There will be a loss of quality, but I doubt that is much of a concern.