Playing n Viewing:DVDRip,TVRip,PDTV,HDTV,DSRip

Hello All,
I have a basic question in which any1 of u experts can probably answer really quickly. I recently discovered sum websites where u can download TV Programs which people recored n upload them to these various websited (Bit Torrent Places, etc). Well, at 1st i just downloaded the TV Programs recorded in the VCD Format…but now tons of these TV Programs are recorded n uploaded in DVDRip,TVRip,PDTV,HDTV,or DSRip formats. Now, i only use “Windows Media Player” to view the VCD formatted one’s i downloaded, but i don’t believe i can play the other formats that i mentioned on “Widows Media Player.” I have the latest Windows Media Player Downloaded n use it all the time. So, can anybody plz tell me if i have to use a different Media Player/Software to view the above recorded formats?

I really really appreciate your reply n assistance. By the way, this is a gr8 forum to ask questions, etc bout CD’s n DVD stuff. I will definitely be a regular now that i found u all.

Thank U very very much,

Cameron…aka … camdog :cop:

Stop downloading pirated/illegle rips and your DVD player will play the ones you buy. If you need “backup” help ask - as for your warez torrent rips I can’t help you.

who said they where ILLEGAL, there are plenty of LEGAL tv rips around.
neroshowtime is a good player for most video files, but it dpends, what file extensions are they?

ben :slight_smile:

for your TVRip,? I’m guessing they are (dvr-ms) files. You need to have sp1 installed, don’t get it conufused with ie6setup. Then you need to download Q810243_WXP_SP2_x86_ENU it enables people to play (dvr-ms) files on xp computers that don’t have windows media edition.

They could be legal but we know they aren’t…so I can’t help him.

I just got your PM - I still can’t believe a DVD Rip is legal, unless you can’t back it up yourself and you’re download a copy…yeah whatever. Anyways…what you do with these files is your buisness.

Win DVD or Power DVD will play DVD-rips (Vob files), Divix you can use Media Player, VCD mpeg Media Player - I do not know about the other obsecure formats.