Playing mpg of LG RH7500

Is it possible to play mpg files on a LG RH7500?

The device is supposed to be MPEG2 compatible so why can’t it see mpg files?

My 2 year old Cyberhome DVD player could deal with mpgs with no sweat so what can’t the RH7500 do it when it’s probably actually using the same codec when it records stuff itself?

I’ve only had this machine a day now and it’s got so many “gotcha’s” that I’m seriously thinking of sending it back.

Unfortunately the codec has nothing to do with it. Pretty much every DVD recorder under playback mode expects the MPEG2 data to be formatted according to the DVD-Video specification, and thus needs the information in the ancillary IFO files.

As you have found, cheap DVD players offer bare MPEG2 playing of files <2GB, amongst MPEG4 and other things, probably because they use MediaTek chips that can cope with that type of format.

I read somewhere that you have to rename it as avi. Didn’t test it myself.

I test it and with same clip it function (rename mpg in avi).

The big problem is the possibility of jump to a time in the video , not all the avi support this… :sad: