Playing movies directly from Harddrive to TV

I have a camera that creates .mov movies. (Apple Quicktime) I take the moves that I make, about 2gigs in size and have been putting them onto a 60 gig drive that is in an external enclosure. It has usb and firewire connections. Is there anyway to play them off of the 60 gig drive right on the TV? It is a big screen tv with AV inputs, etc… This would be very convienient and would save many different sernarios that I have already played with…


Go and Google Hard Drive Enclosures…You should find many that will let you do what U want "Freecom Network Media Player " “Sumvision” & many more.

For Apple Quicktime??
I’ve not seen a “Mutlimediaplayer standalone” which can play QT yet. Standard is avi, divx, xvid, vob, mpeg1, mpeg2.

Wait, check this:

I’d rather consider Popcorn Hour instead of Apple TV.
You might need to change container though.