Playing movie files gives me BSOD

As said in the title regardless of movie file type I get BSOD, this only started last night it was fine during the day. I searched and found a few solutions and have tried them but still getting the problem. The same file is always mentioned nv4_disp. I have been onto my PC manufacturers and the only option they can give me is the extreme of a reformat and re-install and hoped there might be something else to try bofore I do that.

I have done:
Restored to a point before the problem
Repaired using recovery disc
Uninstalled and re-installed graphics drivers.

THerefore is there anything else I can do before putting myself in the situation of a migraine by doing a full re-install?

I think you have covered the most obvious things you should do. A complete reinstall is probably the best route; it looks like the registry is screwed!
When I had to repair a system with only one drive and partition with lots of data files that couldn’t be saved (the crashes were too frequent) I deleted the windows folder and did a reinstall from the CD. most of the other software had to be reinstalled as well but I got the data off. The system ran like this for some time but the drive was formatted and a complete reinstall done. I will warn you that this is pretty radical and should only be done as a last resort.
I would recommend though that when you have finaly sorted this out to make regular backups of the C drive as I do with Acronis true image or use something similar. It takes about 8-10 mins to restore my drive with 7gb of programs on it. I got fed up with taking up to 2 days to reinstall and set up the system the way I like it.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Oh well time to mave data to external drive. I was realy hoping there was something else to try before going down the route of reformat and reinstall. I hate having to do it, gives me the worst headaches :frowning:

Thanks wee.