Playing LVW 5005 discs on Alba dvd45

Has anyone got DVD+RW discs created on the LVW 5005 to play on an Alba DVD45 DVD player? I know the Alba is a cheap little player but it does play the first half hour or so of the disc and then starts to jitter before stopping all together.
This is annoying! If it didn’t play them at all then it would’nt be so bad but it does!
Choosing the first item on the disc menu is ok but choosing any other item and it just locks up :frowning:
Is there a way round this that anyone else has found?
Failing that - has anyone found a cheap player that plays DVD+RW created on the 5005 (in the U.K!)
All other discs play fine on this great little player!!!

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Ivy,The Pacific 1002 mk2 £29:97 from Asdas is a cracking little player.Plays everything I’ve recorded on the 5005,+rw also…It can also be hacked to make it multi region…My only criticism of it is the small buttons on the remote…Don’t know why RW’s are different,my other player would ONLY play RW’s recorded on the 5005 and not +R discs even after finalizing.

Thank you for your reply and sugestion, Robbie :slight_smile:
I diched the player only a couple of days ago in favour of the Philips DVP 520 from Tesco’s. It plays everything and I mean EVERYTHING!!! It even plays MPEG files that I have just chucked onto a disc from the computer!! So I am all set up now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: