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I am trying to play my PS2 on my Computer I have the 3 jacks (Red, White, Yellow) and I am unable to play my ps2 and I know its possible. Please I am truly a newbie and I cannot figure this out please I need some help. Thanks in advance


If I understand right, you just want the video from the ps2 to go to the monitor and the sound to go to the computer speakers right (use the computer instead of a tv)? You want to play the game disk on the ps2 and have controlers conected to the ps2, right? You can get them at radio shack

The one I linked to is some overpriced monster cable crap but radio shack also has a store brand one for about 5$. There are also adapters that basically have the same ends without the big long wire. Use that to run the red and white to your sound card. What kind of inputs do you have on your video card? If you have a yellow rca jack you can just plug the yellow to it. If you have a s-conector jack you can get an adapter to plug the rca to that. you can of course get these adapters online (probably be cheaper than radio shack but if you have a radio shack locally it might be cheaper because of shipping).


Why would I need these tho? I really shouldnt need those because I have the Jacks on my computer… I have a pogram that works called PowerCinema 3.0 if your familiar with that, I go to “VIDEOS” then I go to “Captured Video” and here It allows me to play it I just dont push “Start Capturing” so It does not place what im playing on my HDD. The only problem with this program is I am unable to get a full screen for some reason, otherwize I would be good but it will not get a full screen. ThaNKS in advance

By the way. My jacks are not on my video card, there on my actual computer they are visible from the front of my computer…


What kind of computer is it? If the jacks are in the front of the computer my guess would be that it should have came with software that was compatible with the hardware. It may also depend on how fast the computer is (and if it can display video full screen). If it is an older computer you may have to reduce the resolution to get full screen video. When you say it is not full screen, does it only have black bars on the top and bottom? Also can you provide more information about the hardware in your computer and what software you are using?


Its a new pc I just got a month ago, I also have software for it, PowerCinema 3.0. But it is really made for like putting video files from your video camera on it and stuff.


What kind of computer (brand, model, optional features etc.). I cannot really tell much without knowing what hardware is in it.


I have a Medion PC

Intel Penium® 4 3.0GHz 3.01GHz
512MB Ram
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
Sound Card is on board

ummm I am not exactly sure what ur looking for lol did I answer at least 1 question ?


That at least give me a clue (cannot look at it right now, I have other obligations), so if anybody else farmiliar with his video card has any ideas??? Otherwise i’ll look at it later tonight. A hint though (where you might try to help yourself).
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
And the software that you are using are the controling factor. See what you can find out about your video card.


The software im using just doest go full screen. I think its just not an option tho, even when I was putting my old home movies on my pc when I was capturing to my HDD it wouldnt go full screen.


These adapters--------- What are these adapters called or what would I type into a search at bestbuy or radio


I tried searching for information on power cinema and didn’t come up with much. The company that seems to sell it (avanquest) seems to be a company that sells software from many diffrent independant publishers. the didn’t have very in depth information on their software. you might want to try contacting thier online tech support.
I’m guessing that since you are asking about the adapters you are considering hooking it up direrctly to your video and sound card instead of the hookups on the front of the computer? I have not hooked up a ps2 in this way but have hooked up vcr’s and stand alone dvd players this way. I would think a ps2 would work the same way.
Here is the radio shack adapter

And the cable that does the same thing

The only thing I could find on best buys site is the over priced monster cable one. If you are planing on getting one online, you could probably get a generic one for less. What you are looking for is onw od two things. The red, white and yellow are rca conectors. The little stereo plug that would plug into your sound card is either called an 1/8 inch stereo plug or a mini plug (both are correct) so you are looking for an rca to mini plug adapter or an rca to 1/8 inch stereo plug adapter. Make sure that the one you order is female rca to mini plug with ends like this one

This will only take care of the sound in though. Your video card will either have to have video in or you would need a capture card or something. You can adapt from some types of video to others. For example, her is an rca to s-video adapter
I am guessing that if you have rca inputs on the front of the case your hardware has some sort of capture ability. See what jacks it has on the back. Make sure that they are inputs (and not just outputs). Some video cards will have a monitor conector, an rca and an s-video but they are all outputs.
Hope that helps some.