Playing iso's (games)



i need some help. i have an iso game that won’t work. its mounted on daemon tools but it still asks for the cdrom. can someone give me a list of all the options to try and links to the appropriate downloads if neccesary. thanks you.


How did you make the backup ISO in the first place? There’ll be copy-protections to account for, so unless you’ve done it properly it might not work.


After you make your .iso, completely uninstall the game. Then you need to mount the .iso and install the game from the virtual drive. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t depending on the game and the copy protection.


i didnt make it i downaloaed it. i instaalled it from the daemon tools drive. i wanted a list of options of wht i can do.


It will help if you can tell us the title of the game and where you got it. Different games have different protections…



thats why i wanna know all the options

game is fa premier league manager 2002… got it from rapidshare

i also burned it onto a cd… cd is fine but it still asks me for the cd rom.


In that case, sorry but we can’t help. I suggest you read this:

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