Playing .img files in a dvd player



hi - first post here : ). ive downloaded some torrents that end up being .img files. i can play these fine on my computer using daemon. however afer burning them on a dvd they wont play on my regular dvd player. do i need to convert these into some other format before burning onto a dvd so they’ll work on a dvd player? actually, can never seem to get any ‘dvd quality’ movie after burning onto a dvd to work on my regular dvd player. so my 2nd question is what file formats, after being burned onto a dvd, will be understood by a typical dvd player? thanks in advance for the tips…


What are you using to burn them? I use Nero and would try “Burn image to disk”. Or maybe if I already had the image mounted, “Copy Disk”. Is the movie NTSC or PAL? Are you using minus disks or plus?


im using something called sonic ‘record now’ that came with my new computer. im burning them as data files; is this my mistake? my dvd player is an asian one, so plays pal / ntsc / anything…

using DVD+…does this matter? DVD- wont work in my dvd burner…

thanks for the help. look forward to your reply.


I’ve never used “Record Now” but yea, you don’t want to burn it as a data disk. Should be able to find something in it like “burn image to disk”. Else maybe you could mount it with daemon, try to copy the mounted image to your burner. Might try a rewritable first to avoid wasting a disk. Good luck.


there is a sticky topic called

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