Playing HD DVD And Blu-Ray in Zoomplayer



I’m using Zoomplayer to view all my video material except HD DVD and Blu-Ray. I use PowerDVD for that, but would REALLY like to be able to use Zoomplayer for this also, because of two reasons:

  1. PowerDVD downsamples HD audio. Would like to get uncompressed audio.
  2. To be able to apply costum subtitles to my HD movies

I already have the Sonic Cineplayer HD audio Codec v. 4.3, so I’m looking for an easy step by step guide to set it up if possible. I know Sarah99 has made a thread, but I’m looking for a dedicated guide for Zoomplayer.

Hope someone can help!


You need at least ZP [B]PRO.[/B]


I have ZP PRO.