Playing Hard Drive DVDs

Hi, I have decided to put my DVD library on a hard drive using DVD Decrypter. I have only done one disc so far, but I have a really basic question: How do you play the DVDs like it does from a disc?! I would like to, for example, click on a folder, and have it automatically go to my default player (PowerDVD at the moment) and then play the little introduction, and then go to the menu. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.

On a side note, does anyone have an opinion of whether its a good idea to backup DVDs to a HD?


If it is in ISO format all you need to do is use a virtual drive slysoft download page has a free one on this. Also double posting is frowned upon you have to give people time to post. We all have a life besides monitoring this forum to help all the time 24 X 7.

It depends on the options you use in dvd decryptor. If you use file mode then it will make a folder that basically has the same content as the dvd. You want to go to the sub folder video_ts and power dvd should be able to play the folder (when you open the folder it should navigate the files in it for you).

Thanks for the info.

Sorry about double posting- for some reason, I couldn’t find my original post, so I didn’t know if it got posted or not. This time I remembered what folder I put it in.

I plan to do the same when i eventually get round to building my media center pc… but i would do it differently.

saving a video iso will save the image the same size of the disk (4.7gb - 8gb) i’d rather recode the move as an avi, but keep a large frame rate which would probably make the video 800mb - 1.5 gb but keep very good quality… but thats just me :wink:

ripit said it all, when you use DVD Decrypter in file mode the ripped file will be put in your difined directory @ your hard drive then if you click on the ripped file you can play it from there by your default play.

Ok, so I can play the .VOB files on Power DVD, but it still isn’t quite right… I am not getting the DVD menus in the “Select File” Option. Only the VOB files. Strangely enough, when I load them all into WMP 11, it works fine. So is it safe to assume that when I start playing stuff through Windows Media Center (when I get that), it will work fine?