Playing games without the disc, I need to know how

I need to know how to play games without the disc. My friend was kind of helping me and told me to download VirtualDrive. So I did then it said it made a copy I put it under games then when I put it under e drive and took the disc out and tried to play it, it didn’t work… so if anyone can help me with that or give me another way to do it?
Would be really helpfull, Thankyou.

Welcome Rob,

we need more info… the game title, how you created the copy and which virtual drive are you using?

Ok well its Warcraft 3. I have a cdkey but the game is my bros and he needs the disk to play it so I told him I will find out a way I could play without the disk so we could both play at the same time. It is VirtualDrive-Pro11.5.
I got to go school now but please reply and when I get back I will see it.
Btw thnx for the welcome, this forum is very friendly =]

Although I would like to help you we got a little problem here which is called forum rules. You and your brother need an original game to play so we can’t help you here.

I don’t get what you mean by original game =S

It’s the game of your brother/friend he’s got the original so he can create a backup and play using it. According to your post you don’t have the original so you’re not allowed to play the game. This is where our forum rules are telling you and me you won’t get any help here. You can read them here especially the first paragraph :wink:

But im not creating a backup, am I?
Im trying to use VirtualDrive to play the game on my computer without the disk, not to make a backup of the disk.