Playing games with virtual CD



How to mount a 2nd virtual CD through Deamon Tools Lite?:confused:


I don’t use that app, I use the virtual support built into Alcohol. But it should support multiple drives, but they will need to be created within Daemon Tools and then reboot so they can be assigned a drive letter, before they can be accessed.


I have set 2 virtual discs and mounted the game images, but when I play the programm he asks to inser a 2nd CD - I don’t know what do do… :frowning:


Most games can’t be played from images. It’s called copy protection and it’s to prevent you from playing the game if you don’t have the original discs.

Also, from my experience, you can install from one drive letter and play from another. For instance, if you installed disc 1 from drive E, then when the game runs it will check drive E for the disc. So having disc 1 in drive E and disc 2 in drive F may not work anyway. And you don’t need both discs mounted at the same time.