Playing fair with copyright

I just posted the article Playing fair with copyright…. posted an interesting article on the new strategies of music companies to prevent digital copying of music discs:

"…The appellate judges have spoken: the indiscriminate…

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Of course, for every protection there is a workaround. The protection isn’t so much for the high end cracker and whizzkids, but to discourage the masses. Most people visiting this site know how to work around a copy protection, it may take a few days, weeks at most, for a solution to be found, but eventually a solution will be found (and then of course you’ll find it here :wink: ) But hoe many of you get mails and phonecalls from friends and family who don’t know how to copy these protected CDs? It is those people you get your business from mostly :wink: If no copy protection was used, the copying would even be worse than it already is and losses would be much greater I think. And hey, we need those developers too, they work, pay taxes of which we can benefit (student scholarships, public transportation and a lot more too :wink: )

I agree with you Da_Taxman, but I really dislike those companies who devellop these copy protections. They’re always claiming “Cannot be copied”, “Cannot be cracked”, blablabla… But they’re forgetting that the harder they try to protect the discs, the harder people will try to crack it. And besides that, the masses already don’t know how to copy copy-protected discs. They’re the ones who get screwed if original discs don’t work. It’s not the first time that a new copy protection comes out which does not even work as original disc :frowning: I think some of them are just asking for it.