Playing F.E.A.R. original 1.01

Ever since rebooting after installing the 1.01 patch I get the emulation software detected error on trying to play.

I did have Alcohol 120 and Blindwrite installed (which is listed on the securom website as a cause), but I’ve removed both these programs.

I have had daemon tools and clone cd installed in the past but not for a long time.

Now as most people know most applications leave some junk behind even after uninstall, ive removed unnecessary driver filters and other obvious detritus. Anybody any ideas on what the hell (certain files, registry settings) this craptacular “protection” scheme could be detecting?

I’ve sent an analysis file to securom but have only recieved a confirmation they got it, no analysis reply yet.

This is p*ssing me off big time that I cant play from an original disk becuase some moron decided to update the protection (pre-patch v1.00 worked fine).

Hey Dude,

Sounds like you have a old version of CloneCD installed, that has been Blacklisted. You could uninstall it, or if you still use it: Start > Programs > Slysoft > CloneCD > CloneCD Tray. Once it has loadad you will see a little sheep icon in you system tray, right click on it and make sure ‘Hide CDR Media’ is Unticked. Also you try updating CloneCD here. If that dont work then Uninstall daemon tools.