Playing dvd's

Hi! i am a newbie to any sort of copying of video tapes please have patience with me!!
I have been trying for some time to put my favourite tapes on disk with not too much success,At last i found a program i can use(Movie Factory4 by Ulead)
But when i play the disks on my standalone player it starts o/k then stops for a few seconds and then starts again all the way through.
I am usin g 2.80 mhz processor
80gb hard drive
Writemaster burner tsstcorp cd/dvdw sh5182d sb03
512 ddr ram
my capture card is a Winfast 2000 xp :confused:


Lets start with the dvd video you have created with Ulead. If you have the dvd files on the hard drive, can you play them on the computer without stuttering? You’ll need a dvd player like PowerDVD or WinDVD or a free one like VLC to play the dvd files.

Second question—does the dvd you have burned to disk play without issues in your dvd drive in your computer?

Third—what type of disks are you using. Not just the brand, or if it is +R or -R, we’d like to know the manufacturer id code. You can find this with DVDIdentifier, or Nero CD/DVD Speed. Both of those programs are free to download and use.

And finally, what format are you using to capture the video? Are you going straight to mpeg2 or are you capturing as an avi? Are you capturing in the Ulead program (don’t know if it does this) or are you using the Leadtek software that came with your card, or maybe something else?

Lots of questions, I know, but it helps to get as much information as possible when trying to help from long distance.

files on the hard drive play best with windows media player
using Leadtek software to capture
sound is slow when using power dvd
image format is jpeg
capture format is dvd
have tried several brands and +/- r/rw disks

I have that same Leadtek card in my backup machine. I tried capturing mpeg2/dvd using the Leadtek software (cable tv as the source) and I found that it produced extremely poor results. It drops a lot of frames, which can lead to many problems, especially poor audio/video sync.

So, I believe your problems are starting with your captures. Doesn’t Ulead 4 have a capture option?

I believe VirtualDub and VirtualVCR can also be used with that card, so you might try them using a lossless or near lossless codec like HuffyUV or MJPeg. Then convert to dvd. I did this for a while before I got the MainConcept mpeg encoder which can capture mpeg2/dvd without losing frames on my old machine.

The problem with HuffyUV and conversion is the space it takes and the time and effort necessary to convert.

I have tried Vurtualdub and vurtualvcr which i find drops numeras frames.

i have no problems with audio or video sync from this card and find it easy to use,ulead4 only has capture using vcr not vhs it also converts to udf which is used on most video disks
I have also tried mydvd but when i try to capture i get the message (cannot find captue device)!