Playing DvDs



:confused: I have a Hitachi DVD Player>CD Recorder Model DV-W1U,
and it will not let me play any movies I burn off my computer,some said I have to format the DVD to play on my DVD player.I am neew at this so any help would be greatly needed.It will let me play the movie on my computer after I burn it. Please can any one help me.


First of all, what for media brand are you usin?
If you are usin +R you could change booktype to Dvd-Rom, for better compatibility.
Also i’d not use media of lower quality, i’d recommend some media Made in Japan, like
Taiyo Yuden. At least it most depends on your dvd player!


Just since he’s not very clear about this…

You have an authored DVD you’re trying to burn, right? You can’t just burn any ol AVI or MPG files to a DVD and expect em to play since they’re on a DVD.


Let’s go step by step:

  1. This recorder prefers DVD-R (use this media and a good brand, like Fuji, Verbatim, etc.).
  2. To make a backup, please use one of the easiest, best and free software (for starters): DVDShrink ( with Nero (set DVDShrink to burn with Nero, it is an option). Or you can try CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD (www.slysoft), not free but very good.
  3. Before burning please read the user guides of the above mentioned software, you can find them on CDF site (use “search”).

P.S.: You don’t have to format a DVD, like a floppy disc.