Playing dvd's

Hey everyone. I was just wondering, does one need dvd playback software to play dvd’s on a pc?. Also, do most pc’s that have a dvd burner come installed with them?


i like powerdvd :wink:

Nope WMP plays DVDs on my PC. As to installed, yes.

Nope WMP plays DVDs on my PC

that is dvd playback software also, along with other things :wink:

A lot of computers are coming with DVD burners nowadays, but if they don’t they almost for sure come with a DVD-ROM so you’ll be able to play DVDs.

Sorry I meant to delete the “nope”. Thoough to be honest I don’t watch DVDs on my PC don’t see the point, after all I can be comfortable and watch them on the TV instead.

In my case, my computer monitor (17") is larger than my TV (13"). LOL

Thanks, I just figured that my pc would come with the software but I guess not. Thanks for answering my stupid question. :stuck_out_tongue:

It will almost definantly come with the software. Like JC30 said, WMP (Windows Media Player) will play DVD’s just fine, although I prefer not to use WMP for anything.

Hey sinister…

Get Nero 6 and it’ll take care of all your needs.