Playing DVDs from hard drive

This is probably a very simple question to answer. but I have DVD files on my hard drive and I want to be able to play the movie back. I have heard numerous times that PowerDVD can do this. I just cannot figure out how to get PowerDVD to recognize a DVD from my Hard drive as opposed to an actual DVD disc, Can someone please walk me through this? Sorry if it’s a dumb questions.

what version are u using, but i dont think that show matter much.

So click on the envlope icon and slect open dvd files on hard disc drive. Then go to ur folder and select anyone file and play it, some may be the trailers but eventually u will get to the main movie :iagree: , hope this info helps

Dont you have to pick VTS_01? Or VIDEO_TS?

I think my version is maybe too old or something. It is version 2.55. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to paste a picture to show what the program looks like

If you’ve copied your dvd onto your hdd, then I’m assuming you’ve got a bunch of .vob files. I’ve used PowerDVD to do what you’re trying to do, but it’s been a while. If I remember correctly, you don’t get the menu as you normally would if you pop in a dvd. Rather, you can simply open/play each individual .vob file.

If I’m wrong, please feel free to correct my comments. Good luck.

THANK YOU ALL for the fast responses…I will have to upgrade my PowerDVD, I think it is a really old version. I downloaded a free trial of the newest one and I am able to play the dvds now from my hard drive, thanks - problem solved

Cool. That was simple enough. :slight_smile:

Just ran a test - Select the VTS_01 (Which it asks for in the files of type) Runs the DVD from HDD as if it were the Disc in drive.

Sweet … that’s good to know. Thanx for that tidbit. :slight_smile: