Playing DVD skips in my Liteon 832S

My system and it A64 3200+ with DFI lanparty UT NF3 250Gb.

Primary IDE:
Master and Slave and Hard drives.

Secondary IDE:
Master: LiteOn 832S
Slave: Liteon 52246

Under Windows XP in device manager it shows up as ATA33 UDMA2 or 3?
But when I play a DVD using PowrDVD 5, it would freeze and pause for awhile and sound would be gone.
I checked the device manager and it shows the liteon 832S as PIO mode now and that it had to downgrade the connection and advise to check my cables.
So replaced the cable and made it as the only drive in the Secondary IDE Channel but the same happens.
What’s wrong…is something wrong with drive itself? Do I need a new firmware upgrade? I notices there is option for “digital out” in device for the drive…;do I need switch it off?

Thanks for your help!

You need to go into device manager and REMOVE the secondary channel (to which the drive si connected, the primary has the hd’s attached ot it I suppose) and reboot, which reinstalls the drives and device managers and fixes it. Its a win xp bug. You can go read it at microsoft.

This is a mobo with nVidia nForce3 chipset…

warmonger, have you installed the system drivers from CD delivered with your mobo? If not you better do so.
Link to drivers.
WinXP doesn´t give you much help in this case.


Yeah I installed the one that can with board. I belive it says v2.6 in device manager. I’m going to the try the one from DFI site, I’m not sure if it is newer than on the CD.
Hopefully it is just that.