Playing dvd-r on dvd player

Hi guys,
I’m desperately wanting to buy a particular dvd-r off ebay but am afraid that it wont play on my dvd player. My computer doesn’t have a dvd-rom drive. How can i determine whether or not the dvd-r will play on my dvd player? :cop:

If you don’t have a dvd-rom drive, do you’ve a dvd burner?
The best way would be when you purchase the media, to test them on your dvd player,
look for media of higher quality! There’s no 100% guarantee that all dvd players read all
media, only chance to get a better compatibility is to use +R format, and changing
booktype to dvd-rom!

most media on Flea-bay is junk, post were you live and i`am sure someone will post a better place to buy media.

This sounds like he’s going to buy something off eBay which is already written to a DVD-R, and wants to know if it’ll play in his DVD player.

To find out if your player supports DVD-Rs, you can go to and look it up in their DVD players database. If people have said that it will, or that similar models will, you should be fine.

If it is the case that you’re looking to buy media off eBay… Bad choice.

Yes it’s a media collection on dvd-r. I did as u suggested tehGrue and searched for my player in the dvd player database, but to no avail. :frowning: My dvd player is an LG DV7821P…


Sometimes the model numbers arent listed exactly as they are on the player… There’s an LG DV-7821, and it looks like recordable media is no problem!

Oh I see! YAY! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again tehGrue for all your assistance and to everyone else who posted! :flower: This forum is great :iagree:

aww i just got an email from the seller…

Hi, unfortunately the disc will not play on a dvd player. While it is a dvd
the information stored on it is not in the dvd format. Information on the disc

is in the form of .mpeg and .avi files, which, unless converted, will not play

on a dvd player. If i were to convert the files so that the disc would play

on dvd players, i would loose about 75% of the content because when they

they expand at least 10 times in size.
Most dvd players take both types of discs (im pretty sure of this anyway),

computers only take one or the other.
Since you don’t have a dvd-rom drive, its pointless getting you to test which

drive you have.

:frowning: oh well

this sounds typical of the crap they sell on e-bay, walk away from the deal before you get ript off.

Ah, ripoff… He probably downloaded everything off Kazaa or whatever the p2p kids use these days and wanted to make a quick buck. Just wondering, what was it? TV show or something?