Playing dvd problem

i am currently using clonedvd2 to make back up of my movies. The recording will be successful and when i play the dvd on the Lg dvd player it works ok.

When i play the dvd on the other Sony dvd player it will no read the disk and says ‘no play’. I thought the problem was with the type of disks chosen but i was wrong. My friend made a backup of the same movie using the same disks and it played correctly on my sony dvd player

Can someone help me pls. Sry if i posted this on the wrong topic but i don’ t know where i had to post it

Did he use the same transcoding/burning programs and burn speed as you? Are they both full disc backups or are you deleting items?

sony dvd players and maybe some other major brand of dvd players have a hard time reading from a dvd-r.

a cheap dvd player will usualy read & play your backed up films fine

Yes Bjproc is right the dvd i record manage to play on lg dvd but i have problems with major brand dvds. therefore it is not a problem with my Dvd writer???

Is there a solution to this problem.

if i change my dvd writer will i solve this problem???

My first suggestion would be to look for any firmware updates that might improve the write strategy your dvd burner is using on the media you are using.

My 2nd suggestion would be to try different media.

A newer/different burner might help, if you get one that dynamically adjusts write strategies for newer media and/or has frequent firmware updates to improve performance with newer media.

I would:

  1. use a burn speed mid-way in the range of speed for your burner/media combination. 16x media and 16x burner - try 8x.
  2. go to the web-site for your burner and find what media brand/speed is recommended for your burner and try some of that.
  3. try some well respected brand (manufacturer) media - maybe Verbatim or TY. Be careful of brands like Memorex, as they could be anything inside. I’ve had good success with TDK media (actually CMC media) in spite of some folks thinking poorly of it. But in all honesty - my Benq 1650/55 burners seem to do well with most anything.
  4. if you decide to replace the burner, go with a well respected burner and one that offers software to handle media not in the firmware. I’ve done well with Benq and Lite-On.

btw - my newest Sony dvd player (a 5 disc upconverting player) will play anything I throw in it - so don’t assume you have to use a non-brand name player to have success. But some media brands/player brands don’t work well together. My daughter’s JVC player is unbelievably finicky - yet my JVC combo player (dvd and vhs) seems happy with most anything.

I have quite the opposite result. I have 3 different JVC standalones and they have played ANY media I’ve thrown at them. I did try a cheapo Apex, and 2 variations of cheapo magnavox & symphonic players ($25 models) and they were very picky. I switched to the JVCs ($50-70 range) and so far they have been great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure you player is clean. My old Sony stopped playing my DL Verbatims a few months ago. I first thought it was the media, then I blamed my burner and software. Turns out that a cheap cleaner disc and a can of air fixed the problem.