Playing DVD Movies

Using PowerDVD I can generally play all dvd movies on my computer but occasionally (and I think it is Universal Studio movies) a message comes up “unsupported format in drive” and it is not recognized at all and the green light turns off on my drive (Lite-On DVD burner drive). Is this a copyright on a movie so that people can’t access it on a computer or is it my drive not recognizing some movies. These “unsupported disks” play fine on my tv’s dvd player but I like to watch movies in my bedroom on the computer sometimes.

You might check which version of PowerDVD you have. If you have PowerDVD 6, but have not downloaded the most recent patch (~ 23 mb, IIRC), then the fact your PowerDVD is a little older might have something to do with this, as with v. 6 I’ve never had any kind of trouble playing movies on my computer. That is a start, anyway, then if you have to update your software and do so, then play one of the those same movies under PowerDVD and see if the message repeats. :wink:

Ah, found the problem. My PowerDVD was okay but I had to flash the firmware in my Lite-On drive by going to the Lite-On Site and downloading the upgrade. Ironically, the upgrade is called “match more”.