Playing DVD movies in Vista with Nec 3500




I installed Vista Ultimate and everything was going fine with the dvdrw. It was burning and playing dvd’s 100% fine.

From one point to another, without i have made any modification, the drive just stopped reading DVDRom’s (movies) :confused:

I tried MPC, WMP…nothing it won’t work. As soon as in put the disc in the drive it starts to increase and decrease speed taking 10sec each part (and app hangs)…really weird.

The disc is ok, i tried other discs and it happened the same.

The most confusing though is that it only does this with DVDROM’s (movies) because with any other type of content (music, blank, vídeos, apps) it plays just fine! WT hell??!?

If anyone has a clue, please say it. I’m always reformatting and installing Vista again…

Thanks :cool:


I have the same problem. My NEC 3500 sometimes dont’read any dvdr with data and never read any DVD movies.

Bodygard, do you have Nero on your PC?

With only Vista on your PC (after reformatting and installing) the NEC reads the movies? Because if the answer is yes, the problem is in the programs that we installs.

Another question, what motherboard do you have? I have P5B with JMicron IDE controller.


I had resolved the problem. The solution is AnyDVD…
With AnyDVD you can read anything.
I think that in Windows Vista there is a protection for don’t read DVDR Movie’s Backup.
Bye from Italy!!!


Makes no sense. :bigsmile: