Playing DVD from Hard drive help

I have ripped a DVD to Hard drive. How can I play it from there please as if it is a DVD?

well there are alot of software out there to play them. I personally use Powerdvd 5 and open it then go to little evelope folder and go to open dvd files on hard disk .


open the VIDEO_TS.IFO with your software DVD player…
Or you can use imgtool to create an iso image and then mount the image with Daemon Tools

but you can only use imgtool if you are running windows 2000 or XP, right? I have ME and i’ve read that you can’t do anything with files over 4g.

are there any free players that will play VIDEO_TS.IFO files? I have the Roxio or Easy CD - DVD Creator. but it doesn’t seem to want to play.

Yes there is two great ones that come to mind. Real Alernative and Quick time Alternative.

here is website

I have the 1.10 version of Real Alternative . Just go there and download new version, 1.11. Also when you open it up just go to program files and real alternative and then open windows player classic. Then go to file and then open. Then just browse out to the video_ts.ifo file. Also you dont have to pic a dub file just to let ya know . Enjoy.

p.s. the new version might have alittle different instructions but you get the idea


I have ripped backup copies of DVD’s to my hard drive.

Is there a way to play them (in DVD format) on my TV directly from the hard drive?

I’ve looked at a number of potential solutions, including a modded xbox but can’t seem to find a simple solution that works.

It would be great to find a way to put all my DVD’s on a hard drive and not have to deal with them one at a time!