Playing dts audio

i made an image of peter frampton’s come alive 2 cd set and every time i try to mount that image to a virtual drive and play it all i get is static is there a problem with the image or should i use a different program to play the music i tried winamp/wmp

And what codecs and players are used?

i tried winamp to play it from a virtual drive also i burned it to a cd and used both winamp and windows media player i even tried that cd on a dvd player that supports dts and i still got static

That will not work with normal dvd players.

Use a dvd software like powerdvd or vlc tool.

so you’re saying that the cd is fine i just need a different program to play it?

is there a way i can save the tracks off this cd to my hdd? is there a certain program i need to do it?


To Play DTS audio, you must have a DTS decoding player like a settop DVD player that has the DTS logo or use software like WinDVD.