Playing downloaded RIFF movies



I’ve just downloaded a couple of movies which are riff files( whatever the heck that is) Why don’t folks just simply use divx or xvid to decode these things. Everything has to be so complicated. Is there a reason for this?

Anyway, I’ve seen a couple of threads about this but none answered what I want to know. How does one play a RIFF movie? I’ve checked to see what codecs is missing with Gspot but it tells me it’s a mpeg file. So why doesn’t it play?mmmmm.

I’ve waíted so long to download movies only to find its coded with codes :confused: Could someone please be so kind as to explain what Riff is and why it’s used. And the most important of all how do I play them?

I just don’t want to think all that time downloading was a waste of time. Thank you all.


Maybe this is what your looking for:


Thank you for that link. i’ll check it out, if I can understand what all it saying. :slight_smile: