Playing DivX on a DVD

what is the difference between a mere DVD player and a divx player… is there the possibility to turn a dvdonly player into a divx player?

Thx In Advance

A Divx player can play DVD’s and DivX/Xvid whereas a ordinary DVD player only plays DVD, as you already know.

I’m unaware of any DVD-players built using Sigma designs chip, it would be of no sense to use a DivX-chip for a ordinary DVD-player so the answer on your conversion-question is no.

Luckily enough, more and more brands are showing interest in these multiformat video players. Philips will be launching a DVD player with DivX (including 3.11) and XViD capabilities pretty soon, and I guess many will follow…

So if you are asking this because you are considering a DVD player and you want MPEG4 compatibilty, you either have to wait a little time for a regular brand, or buy a cheaper (and unknown) brand… that may perform just as good… :slight_smile: