Playing copied dvds on any standalone dvd player



I am new so be gentle…I have purchased 1 click dvd and run this with dvd43…my dvd copies are usually backups from original dvds that I have…but the copies I do only play on my Sony dvd player and not on my Toshiba or Panasonic which would be handy as these players are upstairs in the kids rooms…I use Ritek 8x dvd-r …what am I doing wrong?

p.s. sorry if this is a stupid question but I am literally only starting out and don’t know a lot about copying…

thanks :smiley:


well you should be able to play your dvds that are copies on any dvd player, make sure youre making exact copies, and not svcds or vcds. some dvd players have problems with those


Hi varoon5,
thanks for the quick reply…It does come up on 1 clickdvd 2do you want to make an exact copy" and I click on yes box but this still does not help the copies playing on the Toshiba or Panasonic…???

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this is all to common with top branded standalone players,

what burner are you using? if you can use +R discs and change the booktype to dvd-rom, they should play ok.


As ako said I would try using DVD+R with the BookType to DVD-ROM. I have found this has worked even when normal DVD-R does not work, or I would try anouther brand of DVD-R media. The new Sony 8x DVD-R media seems to be very compatible with older players.


Thanyou for all the help guys…will try out what you suggest and lyk my findings



o.k. guys,
Tried changing dvd-r from ritek to datawrite grey and still have the same problem…when you mention booktype how exactly do I change this and where?Excuse my ignorance as I do not know what book type is…

should have mentioned my pc dvd player is the Phillips dvd+ - rw 8631 player



booktype explaned