Playing copied DVD+R in van



I downloaded DVDFab over the weekend as a trial. I used it to copy quite a few of my DVDs to the hard drive. Then I used IMGBurn to burn a DVD+R of the movie. I did not have any problems with the copying. I copied mostly Disney DVDs that my kids don’t handle carefully (hence my interest in making copies of the original). I used TY 8X DVD+R (purchased through Rima). I burned with LG BH14NS40.

All copies worked fine on my home DVD player. However, in the van (Honda Odyssey), it was hit and miss. When I simply copied Main Movie (and did not have a menu screen) from DVDFab, the DVD+R copy did not read and play in the van. But when I would use customize and select the main movie and 1 other trailer, then I would keep the menu in DVDFab and the DVD+R would play in the van.

Does that make sense? Why would this be? Does the van’s DVD player need to find a menu to play correctly? So in the future, do I need to always include a menu with my DVDFab copy? What if I just want the Main Movie and not all the other previews and trailers - can I still get a menu?


DVDFab has a problem with Disney DVDs and I doubt that problem will ever be fixed.

Post the internal logfile

Also did you booktype the movie to DVD-Rom?

Did you try a DVD-R as some portable DVD players have problems playing DVD+R


I would first try AGJs suggestions with booktype & a test with DVD-R .

If that fails there is a freeware TitleWriter that can create a very small menu.
This creates virtually no impact on the DVD size.
It takes some learning but it is fast & doesn’t encode the movie .