Playing converted dvd's

bought a panasonic dmr-es40v to copy old vhs tapes onto dvd’s (its supposed to do it automatically).
if i copy a tape, i can play it back in a setup machine. Sometimes i can play it in powerdvd(sometimes all of the movie, sometimes part of the movie).
it will not play in wmp at all.- i don’t get any error messages either. these are regular dvd movies.
am i missing a codec or something, and if so, which one.
is there a better movie player that i can get for not too much?
basically, i’m trying to convert boy scout videos from vhs to dvd for use in training (which is why they have to play on the computer)

What brand of DVD are you using for burning?
Try some Verbatim discs ([B]DVD-R[/B]), if you did not use them already.
WMP is not really reliable player for burned discs. PowerDVD should work without problem.
This particular player has mixed reviews. Some people complain that it does not finalize disc, which could be a reason they do not play.

To add to the sagely advice…VLC is also a nice media player that’s pretty lightweight.

jstech;I read some on the panasonic dmr-es40v .Mostly good.
It doesn’t record to +RW & it doesn’t put in chapters.
Learning to use a DVD-RAM disc with it might help since what I read says it can do that.
What files does it use on the DVD disc?
Is it standard .ifo , .bup , & .vob files?
I read it has VR mode probably only for -RW.You might want to try that & see how it works for your PC.
In Vista WMP 11 does OK with DVDs.It doesn’t like some formats though.