Playing childrens games from the Hard Drive

Hi; I have a couple of small kids, & I bought a bunch of Disney Toddler, Jump Start, etc, only to find to my incredible annoyance that the CD’s have to be actually in the drive to play. That’s enough of a pain for adults, but you can guess that’s a recepe for disaster with 3 year olds.

I’ve heard of some CD emulator tools, like Blind Write; but there’s also the free Deamon Tools. Is that enough? What do I need to play a few of these CD’s on the hard drive?



With Demon (Dämon) tools you can emulate images which are already on the harddisk. Homepage Dämon Tools

To copy from CD to Harddisk you can use several Programs like CloneCD, Blindwrite, Alcohol etc.

Write back if you have trouble with copy protections etc.


Step by Step

-Start Clone CD
-First Button
-Choose the device where the cd is inserted
-Choose the “game profile”
-Choose the directory where you want to save the image

now the image is on the harddrive

To mount the image look here


lol… i clicked (mistaken) on the quote button and there is no del button^^

In my opinion making images for small non protected games like that is a waste of space. Have a look at Game Jackal.

Good Luck