Playing CDs with Vista 64 and Lite-On Drives

This is an update on a thread I started a couple of weeks ago, which never got resolved.

I built a desktop computer system a little over a year ago, including a Lite-On CD/DVD read/write drive. I’ve played lots of CDs on it, and watched lots of DVDs on it over the months, but I developed a problem with the XP operating system (my fault, don’t ask please). I removed my original hard drive and installed a new, clean drive, on which I installed Vista Home Premium 64.

Everything worked well. DVDs played just fine, but when I tried to rip some new CDs, or even just to play them I found that they errored out on me. I got a message that told me my disc was probably dirty, to clean it, and to turn on error correction in Windows Media Player. Of course, the discs were already clean, and turning on error correction didn’t help.

I reported this problem to the forum and it was suggested that I try WinAmp or some other player. I did, and it made no difference. I had the same problem.

I found that when I tried to play any CD it would play one minute and three seconds of the first track, then I would get the error message. Attempting to play the second track would get me a couple of seconds of music before I got the same error message. No other tracks would play.

I thought it might be a hardware problem, so I bought another Lite-On drive (different model, without LightScribe technology) and installed it in place of the first one. I got exactly the same problem - one minute and three seconds after starting track 1 the drive would error out.

I installed another hard drive, which had some music on it, and found that I could burn it onto a CD using the Lite-On drive. The CD would then play properly on my audio system’s CD player, but it wouldn’t play back on the Lite-On drive that had recorded it.

It seems to me this is probably something that can be fixed by a setting in Vista, but I haven’t been able to find anyone who knows.

I sure would appreciate any help you folks might be able to offer!

Thanks in advance.