Playing ccd-lock audio cds

i used ccd-lock and clone cd to protect an audio cd.The cd plays fine in my diskman but isn’t readable by my brand new stereo system which also plays MP3 disk(i.e. data MP3 disk)…Is there any audio cd locking software that i can use that can produce a standard audio cd…readable in all music players and non-readable in system drives?

i dont know why you dont want to play cd’s in your computer (i think thats what you mean by system) but use EAC or exact audio copy look around in the audio protection forums until you find a copy. or use the search function because someone posted a link somewhere. but it uses lame to make high quality mp3 cd’s and bypasses all cd protection to make wav files also. feurio burns wav files wich are readable in cd drives (cda = wav) prettymuch. both programs are free and if you have a compatible p2p client you can download from my website but maybe not. so use the search function. if you are using easy cd creator dont is worthless, nero is much better for that purpose.