Playing burned playstation games

Does any1 know how to do the switch disk trick to play burned games? There’s two ways, one with the old, old playstations and one with the reletively new ones.

I only know the swap trick with the old (very old) PlayStations:

[ol][li]When you open the tray of the PSX in the upper right (or was it left ?) corner there’s a small piece of plastic that goes into a small hole. When you close the tray the little piece of plastic will go into the hole pressing down a small switch.
[/li][li]Place a piece of gum or whatever ontop of the small piece of plastic so that when you open the tray the switch stays down cheating the PSX to think the tray is still closed.
[/li][li]Insert an original PSX dics and switch on the PSX.
[/li][li]Now this requires some timing: wait untill the region code is loaded into the PSX (during the splash screen) and quickly open the tray and insert your back-up.
[/li][*]Close the tray and hope it worked! Sometimes you need to tray several times to make it work…[/ol]Goodluck!

I’ve never been able to successfuly swap a backup on an old ps1 newer ps1 or ps2 w/o a mod chip. The older PS1s the mod chip just plugs into the back the newer ps1s you have to solder it in. <very easy if you know what you’re doing> ps2’s it depends on the mod you get. Then what I do is but a standard thumb tack ontop of the plastic piece that makes the PSX think it’s closed then tape it down so it’s half open anyway. Turn that sucker on and watch the bootdisk <or what ever you’re using> spin, the mod chip will make it stop spinning when it’s read the boot protection, now swap out your disk and hit start. if your backup is good it should load in a matter of seconds.

This isnt really an answer to your question but

just play on your PC…

I have a P3 600 and can run PSX games at 1024x768 smoothly

with epsxe emulator… It looks great!

The resolution could go up to 1600x1200 if i remember correctly.

Configuration is a little tricky but it is definately worth

doing a little research of your own or thru the web. :slight_smile:

The emulator can run most of the games that I have

but too bad, it wont run GT2… I havent visited their website

for 6 months and maybe GT2 is compatible in the latest version.

BTW, bleem! sucked… :frowning: