Playing burned DVD's

I have a Pioneer DVD RW DVR-106D on my PC, I have burned films to DVD-R and DVD-RW but can’t play these on my Panasonic emr-ex75 Recorder saying either disc is not formatted or disc not supported, yet I can play them on an old Bush dvd player I’ve got

Is there a way round this, dvd-r discs are recognised by the PC immediately yet dvd-rw are not recognised and will only be so when formatted


Well your Panasonic should recognise -R media OK. So how did you actually burn them? These disks must be finalised/closed & not multi-session for most players to recognise them.

I burned them using Cute DVD Burner software, even if I finalise the disc it still won’t play

Seems to me I have to format the disc first in the recorder but I’ve heard if you do that you can only record from within the recorder and play not from other sources like a dvd rewriter drive on your PC

Formatting will only work with the DVD-RW.

Burn a DVD-R using another burning app, either cdburnerxp or imgburn.

Agree with that. I always burn my video DVDs with ImgBurn.