Playing Burned DVD's

Hello I am new to this DVD burning stuff, but I have found alot of useful information on this site. Thank you for that.
I have found a problem and I can’t seem to find anything on it. I have burned a few DVD’s that will not play in color on my DVD player at home, after I burn them I check the quality on my computers DVD player and they are fine, until I try and play them in the home DVD player. Can you tell me what causes this. Thank you in advance. Maria

Hi Maria, welcome!

My first guess would be that you’ve burned a disc that is not compatible with the video standard of your DVD player or TV (most likely). For example: if your video system is PAL and you have burned a NTSC disc, this may be the case. Computers aren’t affected by this issue, but TVs (esp the somewhat older ones) can have troubles displaying recordings in other standards as their own.

Do you know how to verify this or is this all jibberish for you?

I have seen the NTSC and PAL on the burning programs and I do believe most of my burns are done in the NTSC. But I have no clue how to verify this and am curious, if I have burned most of them NTSC then why is it only a few have come out this way.


I just wondered what make and model your Burner is???
Have you checked with the Support line for the Burner??
I did right after I purchased mine, BenQ External Burner and the Support Line was extremely helpful. They told me the brands of media to use and as well that I should burn in “DVD ROM” so that the backups will be more useable on the diverse players that I use as they are various models and vintages!!
The Support also advised me to use R+ only for my Burner and then recommended specifice Brands that BenQ said the burner performed at its optimum with. I followed what they advised and have had no problems and I am indeed a Noob to all of this Burning!!!

Just wondered if you had an opportunity to do this as I found it extremely helpful !!! Just thought that I would pass this along as being a Noob, I know how frustrating it is getting started out.

I’m sure there’s an easier way to check but you can try this.
Download Ifoedit & install, take the DVD’s that don’t display colour & put one into your dvd burner.
Run Ifoedit , click on Open & navigate to your disc. In the Video_ts folder open VTS_01_1.ifo. In the lower window it’ll tell you the frame size , rate etc.