Playing burned DVD's and Delete Commercials?

  1. I am having trouble after burning some DVD’s they will play on my computer and one of my DVD players just fine but when I try to play them on a different DVD player or my portable DVD player they will not work. How do I find the answer in this forum to something like this?

  2. I tried editing a DVD I created of a TV show I want to remove the commercials when I loaded it my computer could not seem to handle it or at least last time I tried it it was almost impossible to scan and delete the commercials… what software should I use to do this?

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For question 1, have a look at and see if anyone’s had any luck with either of your problematic DVD players.

We bought our Memorex from Sears but not with this bundle…

Memorex does not have it listed…

Here is a link but not data yet…

For your editing software, just check the tools section of You problem with your dvd not playing on certain players, is media related. Find out if your burner is capable of burner to +r media, bitset to -rom. This will give you more compatibility. Also make sure you are using quality media. Cheap dvd’s can cause issues.

Sony VRD-VC20
Here is the Hardware I am using to burn the DVD’s.

I also found this in the FAQ’s section… so with the text in Green it should be able to create DVD-R correct?

  1. What are the differences between the two DVD formats?
    There are minor technical differences between the ?+? and ?-? formats, however both of them are pretty much compatible with set-top DVD players and your computer’s DVD-ROM drive. Generally, the ?+? is a little bit faster in formatting and finishing a disc and handles data a little better than the ?-? format. Some older DVD players prefer one format over the other, so having the flexibility to create either one is the Sony Dual RW drive’s strong advantage.

Does the DVD-R hold less? Is the DVD-R going to be extinct someday?

I have Memorex DVD+R DVD’s 8X I believe. Are these DVD’s okay quality? or how can I tell?

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by the way I went to and there is so much software I was wanting a few recommendations on which software would help me simply remove the commercials out of a DVD I made from a TV show… I don’t think it can do it automatically but I would think I would need some software on my computer then load the video then cut and slice it or something then re make a new dvd…


DVD-R holds 6mb more than a DVD+R. I don’t see either going extinct without the other going extinct.

And we can’t tell you if your Memorex discs are okay unless you let us know the media code, Memorex outsources discs from so many manufacturers it’s pretty unpredictable.

Memorex aren’t all that good to start with, to be very honest. I’d book for Verbatim or Ritek, or something in the similar quality class.

Even Ritek have their problems.