PLaying burned CD's in Sony player

HI All,
I have a Sony alarm clock/CD player that refuses to play burned CD’s. I even tried burning at 1X and still no luck. They play but skip and the unit seems to hunt a lot. Any tips? I heard a rumor that Sony is the worst for playing burned CD’s. Funny, it plays purchased CD’s no problem. All the CD’s play without a hitch in my car, on my home player and on my puter… I am using Phillips media. Maybe that’s the problem??? Any advice?

Try some Taiyo Yuden media out (have a quick serch of the forum for where to get them), they normally work in fussy players such as these.


Verbatim Pastels are TY media & very good.

You maybe won’t believe it, but most sony players refuse to accept low-quality and poor media (they read the ATIP/MID before).

I believe it! Anyone know where I can buy the above CDR’s in the US?

Not in the US so can’t help with that but the Verbatim order code is 43417 (in Europe anyway). That might help.

Try TDK XA80 CD-R Audio for Digital Music, they are available here in Australia and have worked in every player I have, included my Sony Walkman which is very fussy. They are at least twice the price of the bulk buy CD spindles, but worth it.

Maybe the CD unit is really not able to accept/recognize burnt CDs…

bought some TY from, yes it is in the US

prety decent stuff it is,