Playing Blu-ray movies w/o a Blu-ray player

Thanks to Zevia, I used his guide (BD2DVD: Blu-ray to DVD guide to rip a Blu-ray movie (Pearl Harbor) to a standard DVDR then I played it on my other computer (standard DVD drive using power DVD). If your video card supports it, you can plug your computer to your 50" HDTV and watch Blu-ray movies without needing a Blu-ray player:bigsmile:


You’re welcome nick714. :wink:

Some drawbacks playing hidef movies from PC with that method:

  • you will need 3-6 DVDs for each movie
  • you can’t get high definition audio
  • you won’t be able to “use” your PC while playing the movie.

I see no sense in such “down conversions”.
What is the IDEA behind because you still need a BD drive to rip???

just my 2 cents