Playing Blu Ray ISO (don't shoot me please)

Alright so Let me first kinda start by saying thank the maker for this forum becuase I’ve been wandering google links for hours until I finally decided to make a profile here! NO ONE will talk about this.

Here’s my issue: I want a screen cap from a blu ray…

I’m a bit OCD and I tried SO hard not to actually do this but I ended up deciding that in order to do what I wanted, I had to make an ISO of the blu ray, mount it on Daemon and then open it and take a screen cap through the program.

Problem is that PowerDVD comes up with some strange error:

“A Disc with an Unsupported format in Drive E:”

So I am using AnyDVD to make an Image of the Blu Ray (tried this first to no avail; same message).

Then I used ImgBurn to do this (with AnyDVD on to unlock the AAS).

Same issue.

Honestly… all I want is a damned image of the Disc. It has 30 second clip of Jurassic Park in HD and all I want is a damned screen cap! lol

Now… I will admit as well that I’m further interested in the ability to rip this and then possibly take from it what I want… I’ve heard varying abilities of the ISO’s when it comes to audio channels and menus…

I do some score editing and if I were able to rip the audio channels from a blu ray… I’d also be MOST happy. :iagree:

But lets start small.

Again, I’ve ripped the ISO using ImgBurn (with AnyDVD on) tried playing it in MANY programs including WinAMP, VLC, and PowerDVD…

I had read that I might need an earlier version of PowerDVD but I also see some people say they DON’T need it and I’m frankly at a complete loss.

I understand the issue at hand is supposedly the AAS protection (hense why I have it remove that when it made the ISO… but PowerDVD isn’t even recognizing the format…

Let me further add that I’ve read through a bunch of threads on a bunch of sites including this one. Some get close to what I’m talking about, but none of their solutions seem to work for me. I imagine it to be something as simple as I forgot to dot an i BUT incase it is not, and that what I have is a complete lack of understanding (which I imagine is the more likely) I have placed myself before your capable hands

Thanks again…if there can be any help from this… It would be greatly appreciated!

Since you are talking about Blu Ray, I assume you are using AnyDVD HD, not the regular version.

If you want to rip blu ray, right click on the fox icon at the bottom right and click on “Rip to Image”. This will make an ISO on the hard drive. Sounds like you know this step, but this is easiest method.

Mount in a virtual drive…I use Virtual CloneDrive from Slysoft. It works well for ISO’s of blu ray.

Next tool you’ll need is Media Player Classic HomeCinema. It doesn’t do well with menus in blu ray, but you can point it at the main movie m2ts file and play it back. You can also use it to take a screenshot (Alt I).

To find the largest m2ts file, explore the mounted ISO by right clicking on it and hit Explore. Open the BDMV folder, then open Stream. You should be looking at a lot of m2ts files…to find the largest one right click again and Arrange Icons by Size. The last one should be the largest, and should be the main movie. Sometimes it will be split in two parts, and you have to enter both into the playlist for Media Player Classic HomeCinema.

Now you know which m2ts file to use, open MPCHC and hit open file…browse to the one you want.

That method will get you a screenshot.

To take out audio streams you can use TsMuxer.

Here are a few options you may find interesting.
Rip the Blue ray using imgburn to make an iso file
with AnyDVDHd running in the background.
Mount the image with Daemon tools or any other
virtual drive you have installed.
Once mounted, go to “My Computer” and right click
on the drive with the image file and select “Explore” or
"Open" so that you can see the files on the disc.
There should be 3 or 4 folders in there. You want to
open up these folders and look at the folders within.
You are looking for a folder called “Streams”.
Open up that folder and look at the files inside.
The file you want is the big one. Most of them are fairly small
and some may even be a couple of gigs in size. The movie file is
going to be in excess of 10 gigs. You should be able to play that file
with BSplayer Pro or my preference, Nero Showtime (Nero 9 suite).
If the blue ray movie is an older movie you don’t even need to use
anydvd to rip the movie into an iso file, just copy and paste that file
onto your computer and watch the movie whenever.
To take a screenshot of the movie, pause the movie where you
want and turn on Snagit 9, press printscreen on your keyboard and
your good to go.

Thank you SO much for the help. I’m gonna give this a try.

I had made the ISO but I was so confused why it wouldn’t play. I heard various things about what programs to use to play it and converting the mt2s files and I didn’t understand becuase some said I had to, and some didn’t.

I’m gonna try this now!