Playing Blindwrite image files with no disk



I have been just taking my games, and using blindwrite I write the game to a file “B5T, B51”. And with damion tools I go to “Emulation” and then check “Safedisk”. Then I mount a virtual drive and play it right with that file. Works good, but then I did this same thing on my brothers PC and it did not work. He has a compaq computer it is like a year old or 2 years tops so the firmware “if that might be the problem?” shouldnt be out dated? Please help if you can lol. Thanks in advance

"By the Way I know this method takes alot of space on my HDD but hey what else am I going to this 160 G HDD on? lol


Why are you puting the image on your bro’s PC?



No man, I showed him this program so he could do the same because he asked me about backing up his games so he wouldnt reck the orginals. And I did some reaserch for him and I found this out, looked nice and worked perfect so I used it, told him how to do it he said it didnt work so I went over and tryed to back up a game he had and it wouldnt work, and I did some reaserch on it and stuff but I cant figure out why it dont work on his. Im not putting my games on his PC and vise versa. We both just have Call of Duty and Battlefield 1942 and both of them you need your own CD Key for so we are not doing nothing wrong here man lol. “If thats what you were getting at”


Anyone have an Idea?