Playing BD-RE DL on ps3

hey guys this is my first post ever here,im tring to backup my copy of ironman onto a DL BE RE,no problem with my LG burner,put it in my ps3 and it will not read the second layer,it is a sony disc,it will read the first layer but not the second,tried it in my PC and the second layer plays no problem,the movie is around 43.9 gigs,anyone else have any problems like this is there a fix,cheers

Which LG burner and what softwares you are using?

I tried a few movies, but not Iron Man yet, with Panasonic BD-RE DL and PS3 have no problem reading/playing them.

i have the lg GGW-H20L and i used BE RE i got from the sony store,DL BE RE,and i used imgburn,and nero,nero takes forever to burn,3hrs 23mins,imgburn,1hrs,you would think a sony disc would work in the ps3,

If Nero taking that long, you can disable “BD defect management”. Here’s how: Recorder > Choose Recorder > expand Options > untick BD defect management (for blank discs only).

I tested on PS3 60GB btw.

yea i forgot to tell you i have the 60gig ps3,going to try it on another ps3 and standalone blu ray player see what happens,if its the sony disc then ill try and get different media,cheers

Try another blank.

I have three BD-RE 50GB (TDK).
Two of them play without any problems on my PS3 (40GB-model) no matter which burning programm I used (ImgBurn or Nero) and even with defective management disabled.
The third one only plays if I burn it with the Cyberlink Power2go with defective management enabled.


ok,this disc plays perfectly on a standalone blu ray player,will not play on any ps3,the second layer,so maybe once the price of a player comes down ill get one,cheers,P.S. thanks ZEVIA for letting me know about the tick in nero,now it takes 30-45mins to burn,cheers


Got simmilar problems with my LG BD-RE 25GB (included in my LG GGW-H20L package) playing on my PS3. :rolleyes:

I ripped the “BBC Planet Earth” series with AnyDVD HD to hdd, used imgburn to toast in on my bd-re 25 and the ps3 doesnt like it: :Z video hangs, partial no audio. I let the disc run until it found an area where the video might be ok - it was close to the end of the movie…

Any1 ideas, suggestions :bow:

i also had a problem with the disc that came with the writer,it was a TDK,went back to the place i bought the burner and they gave me another disc,VERBATIMS work perfectly with the ps3,see if you can get another disc,bring in the bad one worked for me,cheers

Hello canadianbacon

So simply by changing the disc from TDK to VERBATIM you managed to have it work on PS3?

I have the exact same problem, tried Ironman BD, copied the image on my hard drive (plays fine on the PC); then I burn a BD-R which plays great on the PC but doesn’t on the PS3 (it plays the menu and small stuff on 1st layer, but not the movie on 2nd layer!)

I have same LG burner as you.