Playing BD Discs (LG GBW-H20L)



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GBW-H20L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I would like to know why not all Blu Ray discs play on a BD Writer? (I own the LG, GBW H20L)
Thank you


All Blu-ray disc should play on your LG.
If there is any problem, it might be other software or hardware issues.


There is also a difference between “play” and “read”. It should read all discs. Open File Manager/My Computer and see if you can view the files on the disc.


Hello Dogg:
Thank you for your response.
I have 3 types of folders on the disc (AACS, BDMV and Certificate) and every folder has a lot of files.
I can play some of my BD discs but not all of them.
I installed Cyberlink application, version 7.3 that came with the LG BD writer.


See if there is an update for your version of PowerDVD. There are a lot of complaints about the OEM versions of Cyberlink’s software.


I have the latest update.


you still haven’t said what the problem is, post some examples.

I have both GGW-H20L and GGC-H20L, I only found one disc that had playback issue(Kill Bill Vol 1), and that was because it was defective disc.

Since December 2007 when I got my GGW-H20L, I watched maybe 100 different BD movies on this BD Writter. netflix is a great service.


The discs will not play at all.
Powerdvd will not opens when disc is inserted, I have to do it manually and hitting the Play button does not do anything.
When I play those discs on a Sony PS3 they play fine.
I have PowerDVDversion 7.3.
Under My Computer the Drive device recognize the disc and I can explore it.


take a good look at the disc, if it is even slighty dirty it will not work


Same Problem with device. Does not recognize the format in Power DVD 8 Ultra either. I have installed latest updates and installed all up to date drivers with no luck. It will play up until the selection screen and then will not allow you to select the play for the feture Film. Then when you go into the Disk to try and start from there, Power DVD does not recognize A. What do we Try?


“Power DVD does not recognize M2TS file from the STREAM folder” The movie is the lagest one in folder.


Have you tried testing the drive with a normal DVD?


Yeah Normal DVDs work with no problems. One movie that works flawless is Casino Royal, but all others that show loading screen or have BD live dont work at main screen.


Are you playing back on the PC or outputting to a TV?

With Blu-ray playback, your hardware has to be HDCP compliant. So for your PC, that would include your video card and monitor. For TV use, that would include the video card and TV.

Also, I believe you have to be running XP w/SP3 or Vista and of course a player which supports Blu-ray. Both PowerDVD 7 & 8 should work fine.


I installed a second LG, GBW-H20L in my old PC and I got the same original problem, with those 2 Blu-Ray discs.
No problem playing any BD disc on the LG, but these two will only play in a stand-alone player.
These two discs are scenery flowers and mountains: the sepecifications says that were not done with “Standard Hi Def video cameras that typically shoot at about 2000 lines of resolution, but with the 4000 lines of resolution Red Digital Cameras, 24P image processing”, does that means anything?
Thank you for any comments


Fidel, you mean these two discs:


I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t play on PC but you do have the older PowerDVD 7.3, the newer ones are PowerDVD 8. You can also try playback using WinDVD 9, try the trial first for both.


[quote=coolkid3;2186277]“Power DVD does not recognize M2TS file from the STREAM folder” The movie is the lagest one in folder.[/quote]If you want to play M2TS dont use PowerDVD, use VideoLan and also download ffdshow SSE package to add support for MPEGs etc playback.