Playing BD content from another PC

My PC display is not HDCP compliant, so I need to play the Bluray disc to my HDTV via wireless laptop.

PC: has LG GGC BD-rom. BD content is copied to hard drive using AnyDVD.

laptop: I use my laptop to connect to TV via HDMI, and I would like to play the BD content from the PC via wireless ethernet. I use PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 ver 3319 and play from the media folder remotely on the PC. The previews played fine, however, when I go to top menu, the display shows black and nothing happens. Then, I tried to play the main movie file *.m2ts, and video works but no sound.

Any suggestions?

Do you have PowerDVD v3319[B]a[/B]?

how do I find out? here is what Cyberlink BD advisor reports.

This is the PowerDVD OEM version (from the LG Bd-rom), that has been upgraded via free download to 3319.0. To get to 3319a, is it a free patch, or is it purchased from Cyberlink for $99.95?

PowerDVD is very tricky (for us) and problems will depend on what movie you want to play.

If you want to playback BD+ titles from harddrive, you will need version 3319a. There are a few BD+ titles ie Fantastic4, Live Free or Die Hard, Simpsons etc.

If you want to use the special features of Profile 1.1 movie (as in War), you will need the latest version 3516.

Now I know what you mean by tricky.
If I play the file folder locally on the hard drive, there is no problem. If play from the same folder remotely, the top menu freezes.