Playing backup DVDs in standalone player problems

Sorry for the long explanation, but I didn’t want to leave out any details. I have a Plextor PX-708UF external USB DVD±R/RW drive connected to a Dell Precision 530 (Zeon 2.4GHz 512MB RAM, 200GB ATA100 7200RPM). I’m using Elaboryte Byte’s CloneDVD to create a backup copy of my DVD collection. I rip to ISO, then use Roxio CD/DVD Creator 6 to burn the ISO to Verbatim DVD-R discs. The rip completes great and so does the burn. The DVD plays perfectly in my computers (laptop and desktop dvd drives), but has momentary pauses when played on my Sony home theater system. The original disc plays perfectly in the same players. Several DVD movies have resulted in the same scenario. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Same problem here except I used DVDXCopy to make my backups. They worked fine on my old DVD player. When I got a new DVD player all my old backups have a momentary pause on playback ???:confused:

If you get a fix please let me know.

I have made one successful burn that played on both my computer DVD drives and my home theater system. I used Elaborate Byte’s CloneDVD to rip my entire dvd to an ISO file, then again used CloneDVD to burn the ISO to DVD-R (I had been using Roxio 6 previously). The DVD played perfectly on the computer and my home dvd system. I will test with more DVDs this week to verify the results and post another update.

Using Elaborate Byte CloneDVD to rip and burn DVDs seems to work with 100% success after 3 consecutive tests. I should also note that original DVD copies made tested fine on a friend’s home theater system (why the tracking on mine seemed to have difficulty, I’m not sure).

I’m also using CloneDVD to burn my DVDs with. 100% success all the time and it’s very easy to use. In CloneDVD you don’t have to use the ISO format since the software can also burn from separate files (you ripped, for example, with DVD Decrypter).

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I’m also using CloneDVD to burn my DVDs with. 100% success all the time and it’s very easy to use.
I second that.
Elby’s CloneDVD is the best !

Never had any compatibility troubles using Taiyo Yuden DVD-R.