Playing Back-up Games



When I backup my games and play the backups it says “Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart applications” why is this?


This simply means that you did a bad copy of a protected game. Go and search this forum for tools, protections, guides and workarounds. If you have any further questions then, feel free to ask again. But please do a search first.


Alright thanks man ill go look


I have found that you can check the protection on a game with a copy protection software which I found Clony XXL. But this still didnt help me on somthing with buring it correctly so it works. Please just alil help or what to search on


Alright I found some stuff out but cant figure it out im sorry but could you show me some assistance. Thanks in advance for your time


i`am no expert and no very little about backing up games but this guide helped me out no end.


That was no help but thanks man, alittle info on what im doing… The game is called “Battlefield 1942” I scaned it for copy protection “Safedisc 2.6” how do I burn this thing? I tryed blindwrite and that did not work. it says “Please insert the CD-Rom, push ok to restart application” or somthing. Please help?


Some games need crack to be able to play copies as opposed to originals. There are sites that provide these for you, unfortuantely due to forum rules I am unable to post a link to any of them. Try google searching for it.


See here and if you run into further problems let us know what reader(s)/writer(s) you have.


Well what I have been doing is making a B5T file with blindwrite and then just playing the games with dameon tools right off my harddrive. But I really would perfer to beable to burn the game. My 2 cd-drives are called.


Device type: DVD/CD-ROM drives
Manufacture: (Standard CD-ROM drives)
Loacation: Location 0 (0)

The other is


Device type: DVD/CD-ROM drives
Manufacture: (Standard CD-ROM drives)
Location: Location 1 (1)

I dont know if I told you what they were or what lol but, I hope and will be waiting for a reply. :slight_smile: thanks!


I think this is what your looking for.


Device:IDE DVD-ROM 16X Firmware Version: 7.92
Device: DVD RW DVR-MCC Firware Version: 1.11


You not only need Alcohol 120% or CloneCD to correctly copy the game, but you also have to have a CD burner capable of performing an exact copy (able to copy the weak sectors). Do a search on 2 sheep burners, and you will see which ones will work. For example, I have 5 different drives, and can only do successful copies with my Pioneer A07. My other drives work sometimes with some games, but success is limited unless I use the Pioneer.


So I have to buy new cd burners and stuff?


Not necessarily. It depends how good a copy you want.

Whilst your writer probably isn’t capable of making a copy that will work without emulation, it is probably capable of making a copy that will work with some outside help.

If you use CloneCD with it set to “emulate” rather than “ignore” or “amplify” weak sectors, you’ll probably be able to make a copy that will run ok so long as you have CloneCD installed on the system with Hide cdr media activated from the tray icon.


Well I just used blindwrite and put the image on my hardrive and use dameon tools and use the virtual drive thing and play it like that without the disk… but now my brother tryed to backup his like that and it didnt work? What could be the reason for that?