Playing AVI, MPG etc on my DVD player

Hi. I’ve lots of clips on my PC that I want to watch on TV so I’ve been copying the files to a DVD disc. Mostly, it works fine as long as I stick to the file types listed in the DVD player’s instruction book (other types I can convert using video converter software). However, I’m puzzled by how some ‘acceptable’ file types will not play - the error message from the DVD player is ‘DivxHD not supported’. Using GOM Player and KM Player, I’ve made caps of the ‘media information’ of a playable and unplayable file. The unplayable file is not High Definition by any means. Can anyone tell me what it is about the unplayable file that my DVD player doesn’t like? Thanks for any assistance. Playable clip: Unplayable clip:

Looks to me like a typical frame rate problem.

First one has 30fps (NTSC), second one PAL…

Thanksm chef. I’ve checked my playable clips though and there are 25 AND 30 fps among them. I would imagine that a modern (Sony) DVD player could handle PAL and NTSC, no?

The failed video has a resolution of 768 x 576. Maximum allowed size on a dvd player is 720 x 576 (assuming PAL dvd-video).

Many newer players can upscale to HD resolutions, but the [B]input [/B]has to be within the max allowed resolution for dvd-video, even when you are playing avi files.

Kerry, you’re a genius. I’ve checked my successes/fails and that looks like the reason. Many thanks.

Good catch, Kerry. :clap:

Hi. I’m looking for some further help please. As described above, I’m putting video clips from my PC onto a DVD disc in their original formats (avi, mpeg etc) so that I may watch them on the telly via my DVD player. One vid in particular is still baffling me as it seems to be in a perfectly acceptable format yet the DVD player can only briefly show a frame on the TV before generating the message ‘Data error’. I’ve attached the media info from KMPlayer and GOMplayer. I have other vids which are Gretech Video/XVID(GVC)/MP3 Decoder DMO and they play fine. Can anyone suggest what the problem is with this vid? Thanks for all suugestions.

I see a couple of problems there.

QPel: yes. Quarter pixels require quite a lot more processing power to decode, and may be beyond your players ability.

GMC: 3 warppoints. PC’s can play xvid files with 3 warppoints, but stand alone players generally can’t.

You’ll need to re-encode this video using standard settings.

Thanks Kerry. I have no idea about quarter pixels and warppoints but I’ll know to look for them in future. I love this forum…

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2559151]Many newer players can upscale to HD resolutions, but the [B]input [/B]has to be within the max allowed resolution for dvd-video, even when you are playing avi files.[/QUOTE] Guess i’m lucky with my Yamada chinese crap brand then. Must say i haven’t tested it with full-hd .avi’s, but it seems to accept almost any other lower resolution.

Its a bit tricky speaking in generalities about dvd players that have avi playback, since they vary so much in their capabilities. There are always exceptions. But most of the time the avi files need be equal or smaller in resolution than 720 x 576.

My overall experience is that the weirder the brand or model, the more capabilities are “unlocked” on the internal hardware. In other words: They didn’t bother to lock anything or just “forgot” to include official licensed and/or protection schematics.

Yes, the chinese peepz. :wink: